Ethics, professionalism and experience

Our business model is the result of a significant track record in the world of credit, and legal activities related to debt management and recovery. People, models and experiences form the solid foundations of a company that is young but possesses a profound knowledge of markets and creditors.

  • Due dilegence and acquisition
    Evaluation of non-performing loans - Due diligence 'NPL'

    Due Diligence, carried out by the internal Business Strategy department, allows us, thanks also to the use of Fintech technologies, to quickly process a substantial mass of data and give back real estimates of expected return and precise processing strategies. The professionalism of the analysts, combined with cutting-edge Fin Tech, allows the development of increasingly precise calculation models and the correct evaluation of NPL (Non Performing Loans) portfolios.

    The history of the Group, the specialized financial training of in-house professionals and the Fintech platform, built and developed internally to meet individual needs, ensure our special ability to analyse granular individual impaired loan portfolios.

  • Phone Collection

    Phone collection is an out-of-court recovery method that provides an opportunity to settle the debt in a friendly way, with the aim of restoring serenity and social dignity to debtors.

    Phone collection is carried out by more than 40 specially trained, in-house operators, able to act efficiently and effectively.

  • Home Collection

    Home collection is an out-of-court recovery method carried out by home tax collectors in the area. ISCC has an extensive and capillary network of debt collectors that allows it to intervene easily throughout the country.

    Home collection allows us to reach even those who cannot be contacted by phone, with the aim of agreeing on a personalized solution with the debtor, formulating repayment plans or proposals for sustainable settlement.

    The tax collection network uses the Fintech platform to process the situations entrusted to it. This makes it possible to keep track of all previous activities, to consult the supporting documentation and to be able to update the progress of one’s own actions in real time.

  • Master legal

    ISCC boasts complete and efficient credit management.

    In addition to extrajudicial activities, it has structured an internal ‘Master Legal’ department that coordinates with Lawyers Sta Srl (Società Tra Avvocati in which ISCC has a stake) for all actions of judicial recovery.

    Lawyers Sta has an extensive network of Partners, specialized in NPL, with whom the company manages legal action for credit recovery.

    ‘People First, then Lawyers’ is the motto of Lawyers, who deal with each debt situation legally, transparently, and legitimately.